What is Baby Yoga?

Baby yoga is relaxing for you and your baby, helps maintain your baby’s natural suppleness and promotes normal development. 

You will also benefit from some gentle yoga movements, but most of all classes are fun! 

Classes are relaxed and informal – during any class, please feel free to change, feed or cuddle your baby as you want. The class finishes with a drink and opportunity to chat to each other.

Exercises for the babies are based on yoga techniques and designed to help strengthen your babies muscles and maintain the natural suppleness with which your baby is born. The exercises are age specific and never forced, working with your baby’s body as it develops naturally, never over stretching or over-working your baby. In keeping with the principles of yoga, each exercise is balanced for both sides of your baby’s body and followed by a period of relaxation.

Singing, rhythm and the yoga-based exercises work naturally with the way in which your baby develops, helping to promote healthy physical and nervous system development. NB During the covid pandemic, we won't be able to sing during class, but you will be able to view the songs on line so that you can learn them and sing them to your child.

The yoga you do in class is designed to help your body gently realign and strengthen itself after pregnancy and childbirth. 

Baby yoga helps you to bond with your baby, learn to recognise each others’ cues and helps you to learn how to handle your baby confidently.

During the class there is an emphasis on you and your baby learning to relax and really enjoy being together, maximising the happiness you can give each other.

You do need to wear something atretchy and comfortable which you can sit easily on the floor in without embarassment ie no short skirts! Please dress your baby in something not too bulky, that they can move easily in. Many parents bring their babies in their sleep suits.

Baby yoga makes babies hungry, so do come prepared to feed your baby during/after the class, even if they are not due a feed.

Please see Courses and Classes - Baby Yoga for details of dates/times/cost.

To book please contact Julia on fragranthealthuk@gmail.com or 07711 697877.