What is Inbetweenies Baby Yoga?

The Inbetweenies baby yoga is for mobile babies who are moving around easily e.g. crawling, rolling, but not yet walking. Ideally, you and your baby will have had a little experience of a baby yoga class before trying the inbetweenies.

The Inbetweenies class is just an hour long including 5-10 minutes relaxation time for parents and babies at the end of the session followed by 10-15 mins for the mums to have a drink of juice and a chat.

The class includes songs, nursery rhymes and yoga based exercises for the babies and parents. You will recognise many of these if you have been to baby yoga classes. Some of them have adaptations alongside some new exercises and games to suit the babies as they continue to mature and develop.

Singing, rhythm and the yoga-based exercises work naturally with the way in which your baby develops, helping to promote healthy physical and nervous system development.

Please see Courses and Classes - Baby Yoga for details of dates/time/cost

To book please contact Julia jfearon08@gmail.com or 07711 697877.