Shmanic Healing

What is a Shaman/Shamanic Healing?

A shaman alters their consciousness at will and enters alternate realities to bring back guidance or energies to help heal various injuries at the soul level.

Injuries can occur in several ways affecting someone’s psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual health. In brief these are caused by: -

Vows or beliefs from a previous life that adversely affect your current life.

Spiritual intrusions are energies that do not belong in the body and are caused by the unloving thoughts or actions from another. Curses are also classed as spiritual intrusions.

A discarnate soul/entity can attach to you and share your body.

A trauma can cause part of your soul to take flight leaving a gap which the body then adapts to protect.

You can also have a power animal brought back which will work with you to empower you. The animal brought back will have worked with you previously.

An assessment is always done to consult my guides whom always determine what type of healing is required. Some of the healings can take two sessions.