Aromatherapy in Pregnancy

Aromatherapy has much to offer the expectant mother. When practised by an experienced practitioner, aromatherapy is completely safe during pregnancy. Julia is an experienced practitioner with sound knowledge of which oils may or may not be used at various stages of pregnancy, how they can best be used and which pressure points must be avoided during massage.

Essential oils when used appropriately may help ease heartburn and nausea and help you to relax and sleep a little better. Aromatherapy massage can help you to deeply relax and may help ease symptoms such as swollen feet, legs, hands and aching backs. Essential oils can also be mixed into a massage oil for your birthing partner to massage you with during labour to help with concentration, breathing and pain relief.

What Happens During a treatment?
Massage is conducted first with you seated forwards on the 'on-site' chair. The on-site chair accommodates the swell of your tummy as your baby grows - without putting undue pressure on the tummy or your baby. It does however allow good access to your back and shoulders for a firm but comforting back/shoulder massage that will help with aches, pains and tension. You then transfer onto the massage couch where, you can sit partly upright, but well supported with support under your knees and lower back if necessary. You can then relax again and enjoy leg, foot, hand, arm, face, head and neck massage.