What is Pilates?

Pilates is a unique system of exercise, designed to create a balance of strength and flexibility within our bodies. It is unique in that it treats the body as an integrated whole and creates a more streamlined shape.

Whereas gym workouts isolate individual muscles, Pilates works on the body as a whole. Thus creating a total balance of the muscular system and leaving little room for the development of pain or injury. Pilates teachers have a sound knowledge of how the body should move and are perfectly equipped to deliver a system of exercise that will help you overcome injury whilst returning you to full physical fitness

Pilates by Physio Art at HC2

Pilates is used to it's full potential at Physio Art. Our physiotherapy assessment enables us to identify your particular need and then a customised Pilates programme can be established that’s specific to you.

Postural variations… over training in certain sports…. having a baby….sitting at a desk all day….These are just a few factors that can cause a person to develop imbalances in the muscular system. Pilates is a perfect tool to help iron out those imbalances and create a finely tuned and efficiently running body.

Sarah is currently teaching Beginners Matwork classes at HC2. Group numbers are kept to a minimum (maximum 9 people per class) to ensure a high degree of supervision and individualised progression.


Pilates Foundation

Sarah is trained through the Pilates Foundation. The Pilates Foundation UK Limited was founded in 1996 by a group of experienced Pilates teachers to create a governing body that would maintain the integrity, philosophy and values of the Method, and continually assist the development of Pilates Teachers to the highest standards in the profession.

For more information on Pilates please visit: http://www.pilatesfoundation.com/newsite/index.php