What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy from Physioart.

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Our physiotherapy assessment aims to work out the nature of your pain or injury as well as identifying the underlying causes, and then establish a treatment plan that is suitable for you.

During the assessment we start off by having a chat about the the problem you are experiencing. We are interested in the injury history as well as the current behaviour of symptoms. We are keen to find out what your goals are and then we can plan a treatment programme with these goals in mind.

In the assessment we will take a look at your posture and how you move, as well as perhaps doing some specific tests to try and diagnose the problem.

When it comes to treatment we have a large toolkit. We can use manual therapy in the form of massage or manipulation, we use acupuncture or ultrasound, kinesio-taping or TNS machines. Often we prescribe exercise, specific exercise that has the aim of improving the way you move. Exercise rehabilitation forms a big part of preventing the problem returning, so that's strengthening, stretching, improving balance and proprioception and overall efficiency of movement.